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M B (Respite Resident)

Outstanding facilities and staff
Staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The senior carer is extremely good at keeping my family versed in my condition during my stay.
Layston Grove 18th February 2021

Felicity C (Wife of Resident)

My husband always seems happy
In the extremely trying circumstances of the Covid pandemic, I think the staff have gone out of their way to facilitate visiting relatives to see their family members. My husband always seems happy and very well looked after, and the carers are always cheerful and very helpful. It cannot be easy for them.
Layston Grove 6th January 2021

Martin (Son of Resident)

The staff are fantastic
The staff are fantastic, always helpful and very caring. My mother seems to have been very happy overall. The management is also conscientious and prompt in acting, particularly during this challenging pandemic.
Layston Grove 4th January 2021

Angela S (Daughter of Resident)

Amazing Team's Professionalism
Mum has lived at Layston Grove for 2 years. The care she receives is consistently excellent in all aspects; most especially because of the caring, as well as the care she is given. However, in these extraordinary times, when Covid 19 is touching all our lives, and where our loved ones at Layston Grove are some of the most vulnerable members of society, the staff have risen to the challenge, and more. In fact, they have gone above and beyond to plan ahead and prioritise keeping their residents safe and well, with sensitivity and compassion and also with their usual cheerfulness. Take a look at the lockdown video 'reach for the stars ' for an example of Layston Grove's feel-good factor! What a dedicated team of unsung heroes, who will tell you it's their wonderful residents who give them the incentive to rise to this challenge. This amazing team's professionalism, commitment, dedication and positive outlook are outstanding and the reassurance and comfort this gives our family means everything to us.
Layston Grove 11th June 2020

Sarah A (Daughter of Resident)

The staff sre lovely
Mum has been generally well cared for since she arrived at the home over a year ago. The staff are lovely and seem to genuinely care about the residents. The food is amazing, and we have always been welcome to have lunch as a family with Mum, which has been great and has meant the grandchildren can also come and visit, having lunch in a private room. The only time we have had a slight concern has been due to a seemingly smaller than ideal ratio of staff to residents and this has only been on occasions. There have been particular carers who seem to go above and beyond their duty to make mum feel comfortable and included, and we are so grateful to them. During the Covid epidemic, we have been reassured that all the carers are wearing face masks and they have done a great job providing activities to keep everyone entertained - it is lovely to see the updates on Facebook.
Layston Grove 27th May 2020

Gillian G (Niece of Resident)

The staff have gone over and above
I have been impressed by the quality of provision at Layston Grove since it opened and this has continued since the Covid pandemic. From the outset, the management and staff of the home were proactive in keeping residents safe and stopped visiting before other homes did. Since then staff have gone over and above in protecting my Aunt and providing a full programme of activities to keep her and the other residents stimulated and happy. Contact has been encouraged through phone calls, video chats and even web get-togethers.The social media page is posted almost daily, so that family and friends know what has been going on. The quality of care and support has been very good, and I am confident that has not changed. All staff have always been so welcoming, approachable and keen to help in all circumstances. Their all-inclusive policy is good value for money and makes financial planning easier. I would recommend Layston Grove to anyone looking for care for their loved one.
Layston Grove 27th May 2020

Roya C (Stepdaughter of Resident)

Cannot thank the team enough
Cannot thank the team enough for all their dedication and outstanding care is given. The care staff are all utterly devoted to giving the residents the best possible experience, the food is exceptional served by friendly hosts, there is also a lifestyle team that encourage him to take part in some really wonderful experiences which he thoroughly enjoyed. The housekeepers were all very kind too. Would recommend Layston Grove highly to anyone considering a Care home for a family member.
Layston Grove 5th March 2020

T C (Daughter of Resident)

Very Welcoming
Very welcoming. Met all of mum's needs - activities, monitoring weight and drink intake. Friendly and supportive. Very proactive with her health needs, taking to GP, overseeing district nurse and medicines in an expert way.
Layston Grove 15th November 2019

J L (Daughter of Resident)

Everybody is kind, thoughtful and helpful.
The staff at Layston Grove is the thing that impresses me the most. Everybody is kind, thoughtful and helpful. The home is very welcoming, clean and warm. The facilities, if you use them, are great. It is expensive but the set price, all-inclusive is very helpful knowing exactly how much to budget for on a monthly basis.
Layston Grove 11th November 2019

Kay (Daughter of Resident)

The very best care home by far in the area
Having visited many other care homes within a 10-mile radius, this was the very best by far. My mum has settled well here when we did not expect her to. The room is spacious and spotlessly clean. The care is first class, she is treated with dignity and respect at all times. The facilities are excellent and she has even been on a few trips out. I would highly recommend this care home without any hesitation. The Home Admissions Advisor has been absolutely excellent, the service she has provided has been second to none from the moment I met her to the support she has continued to provide. The Care team, are amazing, they anticipate every need of the residents and always respond in good time. Medication is always given on time. They provide an excellent service, each and every one of them. I must also mention, the hostess, what a great job they do, constantly making sure the residents are fed and provide constant beverages. Thank you to the whole Team.
Layston Grove 8th November 2019

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